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But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”. Matthew 6:33 (KJV) 



·      A supportive learning forum that inspires practical spiritual enlightenment in the workplace


·     Impact lives with Christian Values founded on Godly Principles

·     Create greater Understanding that our Physical well-being is connected and dependent on our Spiritual growth. 


·      Fosters personal and neighbourly environment of Care, Support, Encouragement and Confidentiality.


Purpose of PMF Ministry

  • Communicate the Word of God with integrity and passion and to reinforce individual’s relationship with God.
  • Discipline & Discipleship through the scriptures
  • Counselling for staffs and couples
  • Personal Visitation
  • Hospital and Prison visitations
  • Island Stations visitations.
  • Providing financial support for less privileged members of the society
  • Assist & guide youth entering and engaging in sports (soccer, rugby) and job opportunities.
  • Provide Scholarship for prominent candidates from under privileged families.
  • Facilitate short-term exposure, mission trips and training for staff that contribute to gaining knowledge, skills and experience and further the cause of the ministry. 
  • Deploy anointed workers whose hearts are passionate about the Great Commission in responding to mission calls.

The Pununga Mou’i Ministry Team

Hengihengi Savieti (Mrs. – Senior Administrator

Siua Vaea (Mr.) - Program Coordinator

Enevelope Veatupu (Mr.) – Interest Coordinator (Tongan)

Sione Mounga (Mr.) – Office Attendant / Interest Coordinator (General)



Contact us:

Tel: (676) 25375

Mobile: (676) 7771960 – Mrs. Savieti

FWC Building-Fasi Moe’afi-Nuku’alofa

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