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The Company initiative that commenced in late January continues to be well received into February. Visits during the month included President Rev. Dr. Lifau Saulala of the Siasi Tokaikolo Church; Hon. Losaline Ma’asi, Minister of Agriculture; Hon. Semisi Kioa Lafu Sika, Minister for Infrastructure, Tourism and Deputy Prime Minister; Dr. Tui ‘Uata, Honourable Minister for Commerce, Trade, Innovation and Labour and Dr.Raylene ‘Esau, Deputy CEO for the Ministry of Education which has the largest group consisting of respective directors and heads of various departments, that received the visiting Palu Group members. In a summary, the combined responses to Palu Aviation Group express support and appreciation.


The need to centralize travel coordination to a central location is an item that is worth investing in. With REALtonga as the sole provider for domestic air transportation, requests for improvements in certain service areas were aired with positive encouraging suggestions from our party supporting better collaboration. 


On the agricultural scene the exporting of water melon to Samoa, an avenue of sharing Tonga’s produce to neighboring pacific islands was appreciated and well supported. There are other marketable produces as in the Niua ‘mats’ that can also be promoted and marketed abroad through the service of REALtonga. In business venture, offers for new cargo services and a joint operation for another international station, apart from New Zealand are avenues for growth, widening our scope of operation.


Further visits are being planned, avenue of bridging the gap between the organization with our various key operations and those we serve. Great appreciation to the team; Siaosi Palu of Palu Development; ‘Amanaki Likiliki and Sitiveni Manoa Tupou of Palu Cargo, Sesilina Palu of Palu Trade, Mele Manuofetoa of REALtonga.

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