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Association of South Pacific Airlines (ASPA) 69th Conference

The 69th ASPA Conference was held at the Tanoa Hotel from 10th to 12th October. The first very informative airline session was a workshop focusing on Effective Network Planning & Market Insights hosted by Auckland Airport. Well informed presenters from Lufthansa Consulting gave overviews on important aspects of Network planning with emphasis on key areas that includes a proper Marketing Plan. The actual ASPA Sessions was officially opened by the Hon. Minister for Infrastructure and Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Semisi Sika. Mr. Brett Gebers, CEO, Solomon Airlines and Chairman of ASPA outlined the important role of ASPA as in seeking solutions for its partners. Mr.Gebers indicated barriers that ASPA will need a combined effort to get through. Areas as in lack of funding, lack of experience and Regulators Deficiencies were mentioned.


Representatives include key airline managers from the region, aviation partners, Service Providers, and local participations from Tonga Airports Limited (TAL), AirPort Terminal Services (ATS) and Palu Aviation and REALtonga Senior personnel. ATS, TAL and REALtonga cosponsored the Gala Dinner on Thursday night hosted at the Royal Nuku’alofa Club.



ASPA, founded 30-31 Mar 1979, Suva (Fiji), at inaugural meeting convened by Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, when Articles were adopted. Articles subsequently amended: 22 Apr 1982, Suva; 5 Aug 1986, Brisbane (Australia). The next ASPA Conference will be held at Christchurch, NZ on 30th-31st May 2019.

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