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January 2020 Newsletter



NEWSLETTER    Volume 38 







My family and I greet everyone a Happy New. 


Like myself, I am certain all members of this enterprise have prayed for a fresh start to our commitment for 2020. A single engagement that began 17 years ago, has diverse into numerous business entities bearing the same vision and purpose; To Glorify God. In reaching the second decade of this century, I would very much like us to put this vision to action. The process in aspiring to this vision stems out of an internal commitment that there is a mission to share throughout each of the group’s business entities. We should ask ourselves if we must act our mission and vision, what changes need to take place? The changes we will make will clarify and define who we are, whom we serve, and the “personal God-power” behind what we do.  Our mission and vision happen through you, beginning with Management personnel and is to be witnessed across the entire work environment. Our employees need to aspire to this vision, reflections of both our mission and vision need to be visible in all our various job activities, be it at the front or the back of the house. 


 Our mission and vision function as a filter for every action we consider. We can view our performance in every role we have through this filter. Whether it is in selling tickets for the airline, providing maintenance for aircraft, handling disrupted passengers, exporting cargo, promoting and marketing or general maintenance, putting our vision to action will strengthen us to continue to be united and effective. 


 As we head into 2020, my confidence is in the Lord and Him leading us forward to the challenges of the future. The light to progress onwards has been lit. Treading carefully on the path he has lit will help us safely forward to new ventures. Let each one takes this scripture as his: “…They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor” (Isaiah 61:3, NIV).


 My family and I wish everyone a very rewarding 2020. 


 Rev. Tevita Palu

 Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer

 Palu Group of Companies and REALtonga Airlines






We kicked off with a very powerful team where we welcome Miss Toeumu Latu as CRC/Sales Manager and her multi-tasks team of three girls (Miss Christina Latu, Miss Sofia Finau and Miss ‘Ofa Fa’asisila. Miss Falahola Moata’ane also joins as Marketing Personnel. They were previously responsible to our Operation Coordination Control Centre at Flight Operation. They are now welcome on board by Miss Ilisapeci Koroi (GMC) and looking forward to a successful year. 



By the Editor

Nadi, Fiji was known to have been the hub for most international carries flying into the region for quite sometimes. Now Auckland is the highest hub with Brisbane in the second place. Nadi has moved down to third place.


A foreseeable joint venture with Air Nauru would land REAL Tonga into these two major hubs. Whilst Auckland is an everyday affair, the joint operation will still be marketed and promoted. Brisbane will be new. Our own Tongan travellers’ market is a comfort as always. However, one of the key elements in gaining their support is to instil a strong sense of belonging into the hearts of all our families, here and abroad. In the days of Australian Airlines, they came up with the slogan: “The way we do the Things We Do”. That speaks allot on what they would like to see their local airline display, something they all feel proud of and belong to.


This sense of belonging to REAL Tonga Airlines begin with us those behind the operations. From top management to those doing routine duties, a national pride of sort needs to be implanted. A strong sense of ownership in: ‘This Is Our Airline”, REAL TONGA is our Airline’ needs to be entertained and marketed.


We all trust in the capability of our marketing group to be able to capture and adapt to the agility of the market for these new destinations.


God bless REAL Tonga. Welcome Air Nauru!






Greetings from Finance Department to every other units for both Real Tonga Airlines and Palu Group of Companies. Thanking God for his divine Mercy that brought us safely and sound to another New Year.


April 2019 both Real Tonga and PAS Group Finance join as one Team. With that goal we would like to work as one team and serve one another.


As we set sail on this new beginning of this year is to put “God First” and “Let God be our Leader” Our main responsibility is to provide accuracy report and timely. Four main basic phases of Accounts task:  recording, classifying, summarizing and interpreting financial data.


Mr. Amanaki Paea is the Master Accountant leading Finance Team.

We currently have four Difference Department in Accounts: Revenue Department and Receivable lead by Isileli Fiu and other four staff: Miss Tapenisa Loa’amanu, Mrs Lita Manu, Mrs Katesi Paea and Mrs Edna Poloniati.


Payments & Payables lead by Miss Akanesi Maile and two staff: Mrs Melesia Mafileo and Miss Sela Savieti.

Cash Receipt & Sales Deposits lead by Mrs Lily Tupou with two other staff: Miss Vika Holani and Miss Makitalena Fatai. Reports & Reconciliation team lead by Siale Kauhalaniua and Tevita Potesio including Sione Takau.


This month we introduce a new Internal Loan scheme for our staff. This comes under Mrs Elenoa Vaivevea. 







Name         : Alekisanita Finau

Staff  : License Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME), Full Certifying Engineer for - SAAB Aircraft / GE Engine Limited Approval for Y12 and BN2A

Studied      : Tonga College, Air New Zealand Aviation Institute

Work Experience         : Started in Palu Aviation form 2012

2012-2015 : Trainee and Maintenance Planning Assistance

2015- 2018 : AME- Shift Supervisor

2018-2019 : License Aircraft Maintenance (Certifying) Engineer


What made you chose to be an Aircraft Mechanic? 

Engineering has always been in my blood, what type of engineering I was going to be was God’s doing.


What is the fun part of your Job and Palu Aviation/REALtonga? 

I don’t think that this job is Fun. A lot of hard work and self-motivation makes this job interesting and enjoyable. The Best thing about my day is the Engineering Family, we seem to always see the fun in all sorts of situation.


What advice will give to inspiring future aviators? 

This Job is not for the faint hearted, a lot of Self- Motivation and perseverance is needed to become an air mechanic. Big responsibility needs strong personalities, all the best in your journey once you decide to become an Air Mechanic, See you soon. 




From Flight Operations

Congratulations to First Officers Jack Maefaididia and Gustav Wolfgramm for successfully attained their Saab340 Aircraft type  rating  from  the Ansett Melbourne simulator.


Above picture shows Training Captain Wilson and the young First officers in the simulator through the training process to be awarded the well-earned rating.


Real Tonga over the years has progressed and advanced into carrying out Part 121 aircraft training and issuing of big aircraft’s Type Rating in-house however utilising third party simulator in Melbourne.


Congratulations to Real Tonga and First Officers Jack and Gus.


Happy Flying Flt Ops!




By, Sela Fifita


IOSA Project 

The above project is in its implementation phase with an IOSA audit scheduled for April, with the date still yet to be confirmed

Annual Internal Audit Plan – 2020 

Audit is a key part of the Safety Management System. Compliance and Conformance Audits are conducted within Realtonga by qualified auditors. They include audits of approved suppliers and sub-contractors to ensure they meet regulatory, contractual and Service Level Agreement requirements. Compliance and Conformance audits cover range of functions and activities within the audited area to a reasonable depth to ensure compliance and conformance, but are based on a traditional “sampling” approach and are not specifically Investigative in nature. The auditee is required to take corrective and preventive action for any non-compliances and non-conformances identified.


Realtonga and Palu Aviation Services Ltd have established an annual internal plan, authorized and approved by the Chief Executive Officer. The audit plan covers all area of the operation.



SKY COMPUTER – IT department

By, Mele Lavemai


Malo e lelei!


Sky Computer team has been working hard to make sure we support and deliver the best and reliable technical IT system throughout the RTA/PAS Companies. We are also making the effort to implement strategy that will minimize the cost of communication in Palu Group of Companies. Commencement of 2020 has given so many challenges for the team yet we still accomplish our monthly objectives with our action plan. 


The perfection of working as a team has shown in the beginning of this year as we have accomplished some responsibilities which we thought we could not achieve but Luke 1:37 says, for with God nothing shall be impossible.  


Work Accomplished for January 2020

-        Camera installation in Palu Cargo warehouse

-        Time & fingerprint machines have been deployed completely

-        Reactivate PAS Accounts QuickBooks server RDP


Working still in progress. 

-        Sky computer product for sale

-        Deploy UniFi wireless for all branches of Palu Group of Companies

-        Backup storage for all PAS & RT servers


New Staff

We would like to welcome Mr. Kovinanite Taumoefolau as an IT Trainee Officer with an extensive background in Computer Science. He is supporting Pesa with our software and hardware maintains, network installation and troubleshooting also PC/Desktop full Microsoft windows installation.


Our Team

Nau Kauvaka: System Administrator

Pesalili ‘Ofa: IT Technician

Kovinanite Taumoefolau: IT Technician

Mele Lavemai: Administration Officer


“Do your best and let God do the rest!”




By ‘Alunga Katoa


The demands for proper international passenger itinerary planning is always a challenge to any IATA Accredited Travel Agent. Palu Travel is no exception as it ventures daily to satisfy all their International bound customers with every aspect of travel. These include but not limited to:

•  Offering airlines to the passenger’s choice

•  Calculating the best air fares to suit the passenger’s choice of itinerary

•  Provide advice and assist in Visa applications to New Zealand, Australia and the United States of America.

•  Advice om medical requirements and travel restrictions

•  Also conduct domestic sales and ticketing.


Welcoming 2020 – Happy New Year!

Kick starting the New Year, we had a little rough with TC Sarai and was closely followed by TC Tino, thankfully no lives was claimed, however TC Tino affected islands of Vava’u & Ha’apai. Our office premises in Ha’apai was affected. On a positive note, staff and families are safe – though we have yet to see the end of the Tropical Cyclones predicted to hit our shores with 5 more.



Too early for good-byes but we wish them well in their future endeavors.   



QA - Salome Sikuea

OUR SHOP - Hengihengi Savieti


-       Lisala N J Situ’a

-       Viliame Lomaloma




We have advertised 6 vacancies on our websites, facebook page and on Matangi Tonga Online website. We are looking forward to welcoming a new team of enthusiastic and daring group to grow together with the team as we continue with our expansion. 



HRM had the opportunity to visit Vava’u branch, meet the staff and conduct appraisal/s. This was a very productive visit.

Ha’apai visit is scheduled for early February as well as a visit to Eua.



Internal Staff Loan 

We have upgraded our ‘Internal Loans’ with many more options and products available to cater for your financial needs. Please contact Mrs Elenoa Vaivevea in our T & T office for more information.


Flying School

We have met with potential students for our first pioneer pupils to join our Flying School launch. These interested young lads have had briefings and even on a flight test with Captain Bach our Chief Flying Instructor. For more information, you can contact the HR office.


Team HR would like to wish everyone a blessed and prosperous year.



‘Elina ‘Akau’ola 

HR & Administration Manager


Philippians 4: 13 - I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.




Talofa Everyone


We just past from the busiest time of the year,we doing sixteen flight a week (16)from Monday to Sunday and back to the normal schedule nine(9) flight a week .


Faafetai lava


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