January 2020 Newsletter

Palu Aviation Group of Companies Newsletter; Vol 39, February 2020



My family’s greetings to all members of the Palu Group of Companies. My prayers at this period that we continue to trust in the guidance and leading of our Heavenly father in all matters relating to achieving the various goals set before us.


The beginning of this year has been quite testing. Apart from a couple of the strong wind warnings, the increase in temperature both days and nights, the ongoing and very strong advices regarding Corona Virus infections have raised such considerable alarms. This has affected the tourist markets, the air and sea services and our everyday recreation and social gatherings where touring sports groups and family reunions will be postponed even cancelled. As would be expected, this will affect our aviation business in a mighty way, where both the passenger, cargo and maintenance can be impacted greatly. However, we will continue steadily forward and be guided with proper advices from the respective medical sources and the government as a whole.


My prayer and best thoughts relate to the health of each member of our company and that everyone looks well on your health and your families. Staying healthy help us maintain our individual well-being. As employees, it contributes to our everyday commitment in the operation of all our business units.


The counsel of the ages remain clear and true: “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth. 3 John 1:2. Also: “Be temperate in all things….” I Corinthians 9:25.


My family and I thank you all for February and look forward to a comfortable ending of the first quarter of 2020. God bless you all. 


Rev. Tevita Palu


Managing Director & CEO


Palu Aviation Group of Companies 




Meet The Pacific is a one day business to business meeting event where you can meet with all the key decision makers from around the Pacific Islands. This event sponsored and hosted by Rosie Holidays, South Pacific Tourism Exchange, and Turama Pacific Travel Group.


This event brings together the South Pacific resort partners, tourism boards and airline partners (sellers) to meet up with all the key European tour operators (buyers) who are committed to promoting this region and those who are looking to start selling the South Pacific. This event began in the USA continue on to London, Italy, Rome, Barcelona, Netherlands and lastly on the 11th March in Germany.



Ms Falahola Moataane from Real Tonga Airline and Holidays was selected only to be part of the event in Los Angeles, USA on the 19th & 20th February 2020. The event held in Los Angeles at Le Meridien Delfina Hotel, Santa Monica, California, USA. Meet the Pa- cific based on pre-scheduled appointments where the sellers and buyers set up their own mutual appointment schedules to meet using an online appointment scheduling tool. This is one of the most effective ways to reach all key tour operator partners in their respective markets.


A great experience and exposure for Tonga since few buyers never heard of Tonga and heard of Tonga but never been to Tonga. This event was an opportunity to sell Tonga with one and only Domestic Carrier and Real Tonga Holidays as a subsidiary company of Real Tonga Airline, providing nothing but a one-stop-shop package where we meet and greet upon arrival up to the day of their departure from Tonga. She managed to meet with European and American markets and to provide an important platform where mutual inter- ests can be further engaged to continue developing new products and growing sales from Europe and America to the South Pacific. Real Tonga Airline and Holidays looking forward to working closely with these International Buyers for the benefit of the economy in Tonga.





By Editor



The practice that started in 46BC and a decree by Julius Caesar continues to our modern day. Known is that in every four years in the Gregorian calendar, an extra day is added to the calendar in order to synchronize it with the solar year. The extra day is called a leap day, and is added at the end of February, giving it 29 days instead of 28. Thus the leap year as it is for this year.


As employees and responsible job holders, an extra day in a month would give an additional space to complete tasks needing completion in a month. Also goes without saying that every hour spent wisely and usefully in a day grants one an opportunity and space to compete his ‘today’s list’ of activities.


Planning a ‘today’s list’ is an effective planning activity where one prioritises the tasks for each day. Time wasting, ineffectiveness, casualness resulting in status quo can arise when one fails to plan his day effectively. One leaps at the end of a day when activities are successfully completed, effectively delegated, properly coordinated even closed.

As we plan our days, these inspirational prescriptions need to be added in good measure.

Hosea 10:12- “Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you”.


II Timothy 1:6-“For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you…..”

Fan into flame is not relying on smoke alone. Here we are reminded that when one rubs two sticks against each other to start a fire that he does not stop when he sees smoke. The smoke is valuable, he does not tarry there. 


From one to the next, each moment of each day is precious. God bless all. 





We worship together, witness together and work together. As we came to a very tough time, trying to update and provide accuracy report to the third parties, here is our key words for the month of Feb 2020. We believe that worship GOD is our first priority, everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved (Act 2:21).


Our witness, we can do all things through Christ who strengthen us. 100% agree the key for problem solving in offices is GOD, he is our provider and savior. We are trying to improve our roles and responsibility for 20+ different business of Palu Aviation Group, in order to provide efficiency and effective services for Group.




Roles of Accounts in business is to recording, controlling and analysis. Now our main task is working on providing 6 monthly report, quarterly report and monthly report. In order to provide accuracy reports to the Board, HOD, Bank and other parties.


Knowing Finance Department is to recognize the real heartbeat of the business. Our environment is full of boring routine activities, but in our hearts calculating numbers is in our eyes in every day operation. We welcome everyone into our offices. Your cooperation in supporting efforts generated from Finance to better our operation is appreciated.




Top highlighted of the month,  5th of Feb 2020 Mrs. Lily Tupou visited Niuafo’ou Island and 23rd Jan 2020 at   Niuatoputapu    Island.   Beginning of the year, accounts should present a  spot  check  for  outer  islands  to minimize fraud incidences happening in business. Sales Receipt Department main responsibility is to check:


•        Sales  Processing-  Receipt/Cash Count

•        Station Report-Banking Deposit

•        Sales Reporting.


Reports on the two Niua’s have been presented to CEO, with schedule for Vava’u,  Haapai  &  Eua  planned for March 2020.







For some time now, Palu Group of Companies added and introduced to its business entity two respectable services. A Community 40 plus seats Coach and a Side lifter. The Coach has been utilized respectably by communities including the Tonga National Retirement Fund Board to transport retirees from and to their residences. The Side Lifter continues to transport up to 40feet Full Containers from the Queen Salote Wharf to various destinations and return empty containers to the wharf. With the two active Truck operators in Siato Vehikite and Siaosi Palu Jnr, the service could commence as early as at sunrise and as late as after sunset.


Invitation to all new customers that need the services of these two gentlemen and the two service areas mentioned above.

Contact: Ms. Sesilina Palu - +676 28818 Ext.107 or +676 7729898 and Ms. Lesieli Pola -+676 7709419.





By Mrs. Lily Tupou


God is Good ALL the TIME, God is Good. I’m very proud to share with you all my experience as one of the Palu staff since 2012 to 2020. Glory will be given to the Mighty GOD, he is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE.GOD is still in Control.


I join Palu Aviation Services on Feb 2012 as Accounting Officer, through many quality time working for PAS, on 2013 my Airlines career started, 2012 to 2020 being satisfied through those passing years, now I am a Supervisor Accountant Officer and Accounts Admin for Accounts Department. No word to express my feelings, but I have to witness my GOD is so BIG.


Thanks to everyone we have been working together for many years, I nominate here my co-workers from 2012 that we are still together in Finance TEAM, Miss Akanesi Maile. All I can say is THANK YOU, our hearts belong to PALU AVIATION.


Colossians 2:6

“Continue to Live your Lives in HIM”







By Ms. Toeumu Latu


Successfully responding to an interview on Wednesday 19th February, Emele now joins the Vava’u team under OIC Mrs. Lesley Malimali. According to the interviewers, she is self-motivated and can pick up the skills required in this service area. Already, Mrs. Malimali has commenced her Zenith training.


Her being employed has addressed the need for an additional staff at Vava’u, a need that has been begging for quite some time. Vava’u office now has three staff to handle the day-to sales activities and could accommodate the busy seasons very comfortably.






By Ms. Sela Fifita


The roles of QA & Safety can be very demanding and daunting where QA & Safety Department Staff are bent to observing and maintaining a very high profile in carrying out audit services to the various aspects of our Air Transport operation. Recently, Tonga Civil Aviation Authority carried out the airline’s Certificate of Airworthiness audit from the 10th -14th April 2020 whilst the IOSA project – Implementation Phase in progress.


Captain Arthur White [IOSA Lead Auditor/Evaluator] conducted a full day training on IOSA Preparation at the PAS Hangar. This training is offered by IATA via audit organization to train the airline operation as part of preparation for the IOSA. All disciplines attended the training and it was a success.

Internal Audit - Vava’u Ground &Cargo Operations audit is scheduled to the 27th – 28th February 2020. The scope of the audit covers all Ground & Cargo Operations/ Ground Handling in Vava’u.




Talofa All! Last weekend Tropical Cyclone Wasi brought heavy rain and gust wind to Samoa, causing flood to low lying area and affected the International flights to Faleolo International Airport. The continuous raining and wind brought low visibility, causing two flights with Virgin Australia and Fiji Air ways to divert back to Fiji for refuel on Sunday afternoon.


They returned at night together with the Air New Zealand flight. We were engaged heavily for long hours on Sunday. Ron and I committed to doing our level best to look after three flights that arrived at the same time on Sunday night.


Add to the day and night’s demands one Virgin Australia flight had to be rescheduled to depart in Monday morning, where MOC required a daily check for this flight. Thank you from Samoa.








By HR Team


A busy month for HR no doubt, we managed to complete the visitations to three outstations, pending the Niuas. The month of love was well given and received from each station visitation was directed.




•The visit to Vava’u was well received with a lot of feedback received by HR as well as Commercial Manager, Sales & CRC Manager from staff. Appraisals & Training from Sales & CRC Manager conducted with the team. Our second visit to Vava’u confirmed the hiring of Mrs. ‘Emele Te‘ekiu who will join the team in the office as a Sales Consultant. Suasoi Mafi has returned back to his family in Vava’u, and fortunately we had an opening in our Ground Ops team in Vava’u where Soi is now employed. Sadly we see the exit of Siua Niukapu who is now replaced by Suasoi.




•The Team in serene Ha’apai warmly welcomed the Sales & CRC Manager and the HRM with the usual Ha‘apai hospitality. All appraisals were conducted for each staff. Ha’apai staff has expressed some concerns in which we have come back with to discuss with the appropriate teams. Ha’apai office was partly damaged by TC Tino in which we have had builders inspected and have sent their quotations for the work required to be conducted. Property was also inspected as it is owned by the Company, tenant agreements to be revised for each of the office space & residential occupied.




•The warm welcoming of our only staff in ‘Eua was well received. As per the other two stations, we also received some feedback from Ana and how she manages our work in ‘Eua which Management has looked into. Inspected potential place/s for an office as we do not have an office in ‘Eua. Anaseini has been introduced to our Lepani at Real Tonga Holidays to package up some deals for her beautiful island home of ‘Eua.




•Taking this opportunity to thank Lesley Malimali and the Vava’u team, Uaisele Telefoni and the Ha‘apai team as well as ‘Anaseini Kaufusi from ‘Eua for the hard work that you continue to conduct from your stations. Your corporation and assistance with our visit has been very helpful, beneficial and productive in terms of addressing concerns, identifying areas that requires immediate assistance as well as training needed and implementation of processes required to improve our services in the outstations. We hope to visit the Niuas at first opportunity available. As discussed we need to have the initiative to strive forward, visitations to community, Government departments and businesses in respective areas is encouraged. Open communication is also vital for successful operation. All concerns raised from each station has been addressed, I’m sure by the issue of this Newsletter most if not all has been resolved.


With much appreciation, HR TEAM





By Dr. ‘Afa Taulangovaka


The Clinic, situated on Salote Road, Free Wesleyan Building, Fasi has been addressing quite a number of dental problem needs. Backed by a staff of professional dentists and practioners, the clinic has effectively and efficiently maintained their exceptional sirvice for quite some time.


Pictures of cobalt chrome denture (metal) and valblast denture. (Plastic) In the words of Dr. Taulangovaka: “It is exciting to add that the FIDC are now able to do cobalt-chrome denture, Valplast denture, Emax crowns. We can also do root canal treatment PFM Crown & bridges, Zirconia crowns”. Congratulations FIDC!

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