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About Us:
Quality Assurance Tonga Ltd is a registered company who is responsible to all internal Quality control of Palu Group of companies include Real Tonga airline.
Quality & Safety Assurance Department is a mandatory body of an Airline & Engineering/Maintenance department required by the Rule part 119 and rule part 145 of the NZCAA Rule adopted by Tonga CAD.
Our main function is to ensure that we are conform with the company policy and procedures and also comply with the Civil Aviation Regulation through conducting in house audit on its main operations, control of the manuals/documentations, give authorization/approval to the engineers as per the manual, carry out spot checks and investigate on any safety matters reported and also communicate safety concerns to the CEO and the Civil Aviation Department. 
Quality & Safety Assurance Department is stand independent from the company structure and report to the rules and the CEO on a safety matters during daily operation. Also main contact to the Civil Aviation
Our Skills 
Qualified Lead Auditor
Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Type rated on MA60, SAAB340B+ (non licensed)
Skills in auditing, occurrence investigation, control and drive the safety management system of the Airline & Maintenance/Engineering.
Our Accomplishments
Play part in set up of Part 119 certificate – Airline
Play part in set up of Part 129 certificate – Regional Operation
Succeeded in Regulatory Audit on Certificates both 119/145 – now we have both certificate in two years validity
SMS project in progress – Requirement of CAA Rule Part 100
IOSA project in progress – IATA Airline Membership
M&J Water Tank Company on creating their ISO 9001 Manual, next phase will activate in mid year for getting their ISO Certification process.
Our Team
Within QA department we have five staff including myself. We currently have 4 qualified lead auditors, and a design consultant. These are our main role:
Clive Fua: Quality & Safety Manager for Part 119 & 145 (Airline & Engineering), Occurrence Investigator, Security Manager, Lead Auditor
Sela Fifita: Quality & Safety Supervisor for Part 119 & 145 (Airline & Engineering), Lead Auditor
Sione Takau: Quality & Safety Officer, Lead Auditor
Losaline Tafea Kalu: Quality & Safety Officer, Lead Auditor
Tevita Moala: QA Administrator / Design Consultant
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